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PRODUCTS Subramany

Subramany & Co. manufactures Palmyra fibre and stalks. Palmyra is a natural vegetable fibre that is 100% biodegradable and is derived from the base of the fan like leaf of the Palm tree. The world’s best grades of Palmyra fibre are available at the southern tip of India where Tuticorin is located. Palmyra is a durable fibre with excellent sweeping and scrubbing properties. The fibre is long lasting and sufficiently rugged for usage as an efficient brush fibre material. It is water resistant, which makes it an ideal scrub brush material. Subramany has been providing dependable quality products to the importers of brush fibre in U.S.A., U.K., Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Sri Lanka for over 68 years. Consistent supply of quality products conforming to the customer’s specification and terms has earned us the name “Palmyra Fibre Masters.”  

The characteristics of our product include:

  • Clean
  • Solid cut
  • Well dressed
  • Uniform lengths, no shorts
  • Even dyeing or oiling